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»Wörlitz is the most beautiful place I know in Germany.«
Elisa von der Recke, 1786
Schloss Wörlitz
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The library at Schloss Wörlitz
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The Pantheon at the Großes Walloch
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The interior of the Monument
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Schloss Wörlitz – England and classical antiquity all under one roof

Schloss Wörlitz, the house that established neo-classicism in Germany, was built for Prince Franz after designs by Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff. It still contains its original late 18th century furnishings and decoration.

After returning from his Grand Tour Prince Franz chose Wörlitz as the starting point for his project to enhance the appearance of his country. This included the construction of a new house. Between 1769 and 1773 the Schloss was built emulating the country houses of the English nobility. The perfectly preserved, elaborate interior of the house reflects the travels and interests of the Prince. It includes antique sculptures, Italian and Dutch paintings (e.g. Rubens) and English pottery. The elaborate stucco work and the bespoke furniture made specifically for the house by Abraham and David Roentgen bear witness to the artistic inclinations of their patron.

Embedded in this first landscape garden in continental Europe are numerous vistas across the garden which entice the visitor to take a stroll. A well thought-out system of vistas links different parts of the garden with each other and guides the eye into the surrounding countryside. A great number of buildings – some outside the gardens – as well as sculptures and groups of trees form starting or focal points of such views which deliberately blur the boundaries of the garden. The connection of beauty and utility also has an educational angle which is evident, for example, in the programmatic use of different types of bridges throughout the garden, or the construction of an artificial rock island referred to as the »Stein« (lit. The Stone). Vast areas within the garden are used for farming or to grow fruit and the edges of groves, waters, fields and meadows are horticulturally enhanced by manifold plantings.


Schloss Wörlitz

Opening hours
Open from 24 March to 31 October 2018

24 March and April
Tue to Sun and holidays: 10 a.m. -​ 5 p.m.

May to 07 October
Tue to Sun and holidays: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

08 to 31 October
Tue to Sun and holidays: 10 a.m. -​ 5 p.m.

Admission fees
7,50 €
Address / Contact
06785 Oranienbaum-Wörlitz / OT Wörlitz
+49 (0)3 49 05 / 4090

111 steps well worth the climb

For the first time ever, there are guided tours to the Belvedere of Schloss Wörlitz – a unique panoramic view awaits you!
Hourly tours between 11:00 and 16:00, admission EUR 4.50 per person (children under 16 years can enter free of charge if accompanied by an adult)