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Orangen tree in the garden of Oranienbaum
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Schloss Georgium
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Alexander and Roxane by Peter Paul Rubens
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Themed visits

Dwelling upon a theme

Would you like to discover the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz a different way? Thanks to its cultural diversity, the landscape lends itself to be explored from various angles. We can recommend some worthwhile themed tours which can each be fitted into one day if you are motorised.

On the trail of the Orange dynasty

The strong Dutch influence that Henriette Catharina of Orange-Nassau brought to the country can still be felt today in the architecture of the palace of Oranienbaum and the art collections of the Foundation. Spend a day tracing the steps of the Orange dynasty!
  • Oranienbaum – Starting point and culmination of the Dutch influence. Tour of palace and garden (2–2.5 h)
  • Wörlitz – Dutch paintings and sculpture in Prince Franz’s collections at the »Gothic House«. Guided tour of the Gothic House (2 h)
  • Mosigkau – Important Dutch paintings (by van Dyck, Rubens, Breughel) in the collection of Princess Anna Wilhelmine at Schloss Mosigkau, still displayed in the original baroque fashion. Guided tour through the palace (2–2.5 h)

Neo-classical architecture

The cradle of German Neoclassicism is in the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz. Numerous architectures by Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff are proof of the universality of the architect, who
not only designed palaces, but also garden temples and functional buildings.
  • Wörlitz – Guided tour of the Schloss, walk through the town, including visit of the town hall and the guesthouse »Zum Eichenkranz« (2 h)
  • Luisium (Dessau-Waldersee) – Guided tour of the Schloss (1.5 h)
  • Georgium (Dessau) – Walk through the garden with visit of the Anhalt Picture Gallery (2.5 h)
  • Historic cemetery (Dessau) – Visit the historic cemetery with its portal designed by Erdmannsdorff, whose grave can also be found there. (1 h)

Neo-gothic architecture in the Garden Kingdom

The style pluralisms of the late 18th century had its roots in the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz. Early neo-gothic buildings accentuate the landscape. This tour can be supplemented by visiting a few churches.
  • Wörlitz – Visit of the Gothic House, ferry crossing towards the neo-gothic ensemble of the »Grey House« and the church, visit of the church and church tower.(2.5 h)
  • Hunting lodge »Haideburg« (Dessau-Süd) – Visit of the Forester’s House at Haideburg, which picks up elements of Königsberg Castle (now Kaliningrad).

Landscape gardens (excluding Wörlitz)

What would the Garden Kingdom be without its landscape parks and gardens? Besides the much-visited Wörlitz there are many other gardens that are well worth seeing. A certain level of fitness is required as you will have to explore them on foot.
  • Oranienbaum – Visit of the old park, whose baroque canal garden was later redesigned into an Anglo-Chinoise garden.(1.5 h)
  • Luisium (Dessau-Waldersee) – Visit of the garden including walk to the historic stud farm. (2 h)
  • Georgium (Dessau) – Visit of the garden (1.5 h) with »Beckerbruch« (2 h)
  • Großkühnau (Dessau-Ziebigk) – Visit of the garden (1.5 h)

Along the dyke through the Garden Kingdom

The dykes are not only there to protect the Garden Kingdom from the floods of the nearby rivers, they are also deliberate design elements within the landscape. Numerous structures frame the path along the dykes. We particularly recommend the Prince Franz Cycle Path, which can also be managed on foot by the more experienced walker.