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»… a site that has been widely acclaimed and one that gave taste a better direction. This site is the house and gardens at Wörlitz.«
J.F.v. Racknitz, 1796
Guided tour through the Citrus Garden at Oranienbaum
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Luise’s Day at Schloss Luisium
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In the restoration workshop Mosigkau
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Guided tours of houses and gardens

For groups of 15 or more people, guided tours of the houses of the Kulturstiftung DessauWörlitz can be arranged outside the regular opening hours.


Tours of the garden (7.50 Euro) and combined tours of house and garden (12.00 Euro)

Torch-lit guided tours of Schloss Luisium – a special offer for young and old throughout the cold season.

Special tours for children on the subject of: ”Children in the 18th century”
Advance booking required
Maximum groups of 15 people


Combined tours of palace and gardens (duration c. 1½ hours, 12.00 Euro)

Advance booking required
Maximum groups of 20 people


Combined tours of palace and gardens Oranienbaum (duration c. 1½ hours, 12.00 Euro)

Garden tours

Advance booking required

For groups of children and teenagers

as well as school classes we offer guided tours suited for their respective age. Please contact our staff in the respective houses:

Schloss Luisium: Tel.: +49 (0)340 21 83 711
Schloss Mosigkau: Tel.: +49 (0)340 52 11 39
Schloss Wörlitz: Tel.: +49 (0)34 905 40 90
Gothic House: Tel.: +49 (0)34 905 20 302
Schloss Oranienbaum: Tel.: +49 (0)34 904 20 259

Guided tours in English

Can be booked for Wörlitz Schloss and gardens, as well as the palaces of Mosigkau, Luisium and Oranienbaum.
Further information can be obtained under
+49 (0)340 64 61 532 Dr. Ingo Pfeifer
+49 (0)340 64 61 528 Uwe Quilitzsch

Please note:

As some of our palaces and houses have very small rooms, group sizes per tour are restricted. Large groups will be divided. The maximum group size is:

Gothic House Wörlitz: 15 people
Schloss Wörlitz: 20 people
Schloss Mosigkau: 20 people
Schloss Luisium: 15 people



For further information please contact

Nicole Krebs
Kulturstiftung Dessau-Wörlitz
Interimsanschrift: Ernst-Zindel-Str. 8
06847 Dessau-Roßlau
(03 40) 6 46 15-44
(03 40) 6 46 15-50

Advance booking

For all special tours it is necessary to pre-book at least two days in advance under telephone
+49 (0)340 - 64 61 544 as group sizes are limited to 20 people.