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»Like a dream gently sweeping by.«
Goethe, 13|05|1778
Park Luisium near Dessau, concert at the Blumengartenhaus
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Statue of Diana, goddess of the hunt, at the Wörlitz Gardens
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Tub plant within the Palace Garden of Oranienbaum
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Ruined arch within the Luisium Gardens
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A journey well planned...

Recommendations for your visit to the Garden Kingdom

Within the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, there are six palaces, seven historic parks and gardens as well as more than 100 smaller structures are awaiting your visit.

These are embedded in an unrivalled cultural landscape comprising some 142 square kilometres. But where to start when it comes to exploring the diversity of the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz?

To help you judge the distances between the individual destinations, and the time required, we would like to offer you some guidance for appropriately planning your trip.

Depending on the duration of your stay, we have put together a number of different tour suggestions
The hours in brackets indicate the time you should allow for each of these and include travel time (by car) from the previous leg of your journey.
You may, of course, mix and match or extend these building blocks according to your own wishes.

A day in the Garden Kingdom

Within one day you will only be able to see selected parts of the Garden Kingdom. We do recommend that you visit the gardens at Wörlitz – the artistic culmination of the Garden Kingdom.

• Wörlitz – guided tour through the Schloss, walk through the park with a visit to the Gothic House (4 h)

• Visit of the Schloss with gondola tour through the park (2.5 h)

Optionally in addition:
• Luisium (Dessau-Waldersee) – walk through the gardens with guided tour of the house (2 h)

• Mosigkau (Dessau-Mosigkau) – walk through the gardens with guided tour of the palace (3 h)

• Oranienbaum – Visit to the palace and tour of the gardens (2 h)

A weekend in the Garden Kingdom

A weekend will give you the opportunity to see all historic houses and gardens.

Day 1
• Wörlitz – Guided tour of the Schloss, walk through the park with visit to the Gothic House and gondola tour (5 h)

• Luisium (Dessau-Waldersee) – walk through the gardens with guided tour of the house (2 h)

Day 2
• Oranienbaum – visit to the palace with tour of the gardens (2–2.5 h)

• Mosigkau (Dessau-Mosigkau) – walk through the gardens with guided tour of the palace (3 h)


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Cultural links of the city of Dessau

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Bauhaus and Meisterhäuser

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Guest Houses

Staying at the heart of the Garden Kingdom

You are dreaming of spending a few spare days out in the open, under a starry sky, far away from any traffic noise, and at the same time experience culture, variety and exclusiveness? Then the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz is the right place for you.