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»Purpose of the Foundation is the preservation and development of the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz as an outstanding cultural monument…«
Charter of the Kulturstiftung DessauWörlitz
Schloss Großkühnau, headquarters of the Kulturstiftung DessauWörlitz
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State visit of HRH Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to city and palace of Oranienbaum in March 2004
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Prof. Dr. Jan Assmann (front) at a symposium organised by the Foundation
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Dr. Reinhard Alex explains the colour scheme of the interior of the Eyserbeck-House
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Preparation of the plinths holding the column on top of the Monument in Wörlitz
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We look after, research and develop a UNESCO World Heritage site

The mission of the Kulturstiftung DessauWörlitz is to preserve the Garden Kingdom including all its buildings, gardens and art collections, and to make them accessible to the public.

The Kulturstiftung DessauWörlitz is a not-for-profit foundation under public law with its headquarters in Dessau. It is supported by the State of Saxony-Anhalt.

It emerged from a foundation originally created in 1918 by Joachim Ernst of Anhalt and initially bearing his name; it was revived in 1994.

Executive bodies of the Foundation are the Board of Trustees (»Kuratorium«) and the Executive Board (»Vorstand«). The Board of Trustees makes decisions mainly on fundamental matters affecting the Foundation, which includes setting the budget, the use of public funds or the appointment of the Executive Board.

Dr. Thomas Weiss is Chairman and Director of the Kulturstiftung DessauWörlitz and runs its day to day business. In particular, he implements the decisions of the Board of Trustees and represents the Foundation both in and out of court.

Duties and responsibilities

The Kulturstiftung DessauWörlitz looks after the core areas of the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz. Apart from five palaces and surrounding gardens as well as numerous other listed buildings, the Foundation is also responsible for about 7200 hectares (c. 17,300 acres) of woodland and agricultural land.

Main tasks

As with the Joachim-Ernst-Foundation, the main tasks include the preservation, research and maintenance of the entire Garden Kingdom for the benefit of future generations.

This responsible mission is therefore firmly established in § 2 of the Foundation’s charter.

Purpose of the Foundation

»Purpose of the Foundation is the preservation and development of the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz as an outstanding cultural heritage site, especially the preservation of museums and collections, the Wörlitz Gardens and all other gardens and structures, as well as the performance of cultural functions«

Two units (»Referate«) and four divisions (»Abteilungen«) currently employ approximately 100 permanent staff, 35 seasonal workers and 40 to 80 temporary staff across a wide range of professions. These also reflect the variety of responsibilities within the organisation: art historians, restorers, archivist, secretaries, accountants, forest wardens, gardeners, tour guides, administrative staff, a photographer and many more.

The Foundation regards it as central to their work to continue the educational mission that was postulated in the 18th century. It therefore seeks to bring to life for present and future generation the timeless reformist spirit of the Garden Kingdom with the help of its historic palaces, institutions and gardens. The Foundation therefore regularly hosts conferences, exhibitions, special guided tours and lectures.

Furthermore, the Foundation performs a coordinating function for all garden-historical and preservational matters concerning the Garden Kingdom with its 142 square kilometres.

With effect from 27 April 2004 it also received authority to act as a lower preservational authority (»Untere Denkmalschutzbehörde«) as far as its real estate holdings are concerned.